Weekend Wrap Up

My husband was home on Friday so we were able to get some errands done together. I got the emissions test done on my car which was uncharacteristically prompt of me since it isn’t due until May 27th  ( normally I’d be getting it done on the 26th!!!)

Saturday began well with the delivery of our new dishwasher. My husband and stepson installed it themselves. 

The above picture is the removal of our dingy old dishwasher.

All their hard work deserved a reward so we went to our favorite diner for breakfast.

Saturday night we got take out tacos from one of my favorite restaurants, Bel Air Cantina. So delicious!

Sunday meant church. This was my best before church pic. Holding a squirmy 18 month old while smiling into a camera is no easy task!

I loved today’s sermon and I nerdily geeked out when our Pastor  referenced my favorite Churchill biographer ( William Manchester). 

After church we went out to lunch and then I picked up some books at Half Price Books. But I overpaid for at least one book because I happily dug into it upon our return and when I got about 50 pages in, it became familiar. Too familiar. Yep, have read it before. Oops!

Despite my book snafu it was a great weekend full of family, great food, laughter and love. And a new dishwasher!

Hope everyone has a great week!


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