Friday Favorites 

Happy Friday! Joining the link up with AndreaErika and  Narci.

Favorite : Spring’s Arrival

The last month has been cold and at times snowy. So this week’s nicer weather has been so welcome! 

Love sunshine and green grass! 

Creating some ‘abstract’ art for us with sidewalk chalk. ( while holding the dog’s filthy tennis ball!)

Favorite 2: Grocery Store Dates

My husband and I love a leisurely trip to the grocery store. Cause we are super glamorous. Except not. But who needs glamour when there is an outing that involves a tart break!?! 

Favorite 3: Someone Else Cooking


My husband made me a fantastic dinner: steaks with bleu cheese butter, roasted brussel sprouts, sautéed onions and mushrooms, homemade creamed spinach with bacon, mashed potatoes and garlic bread. So fabulous, especially for a ‘regular’ Thursday night. He *may* have eclipsed the pork chops and roasted vegetables I served Wednesday night or Tuesday’s turkey tacos. Will have to step up my game next week 😉

Looking forward to our weekend, have lots to do in preparation for next week’s out of town visitors. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 

  1. Ah Whole Foods’ bakery section is heavenly! Their cupcakes are so so good! Stopping over from the linkup – would love if you stopped by my blog too! Have a great weekend =0)


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