Show Us Your Life: Online Boutiques

I am so excited about this link up as I love supporting entrepreneurial mommas on Etsy ( and other sites).

I bought this sign for my daughter’s nursery from carriedawaycraftz and couldn’t love it more both in design and message.  

The next vendor is a personal friend ( since the age of 8), her name is Jenn and her website (which includes links to her etsy site as well as her blog) is she is an expert knitter and makes beautiful sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens, etc for all ages. She made me this absolutely gorgeous sweater for my baby girl.

Lastly having a daughter late to the hair game meant headbands were an important staple. My absolute favorite is this one:

My daughter wore it tons as the band portion was so comfy she didn’t realize she had a headband in which was a totally win. I didn’t post her wearing it simply because I wanted to show all of the pretty detail. It can be found at

Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy shopping!


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