Life Lately

A new week, time to get back into regular blogging. Instead of my usual weekend wrap up I thought I’d share some general stories and pictures from my blogging hiatus. 

This one I’ve entitled: being conned by a toddler. We had a disaster of a play date with our neighbor’s daughter. Julia was so inconsolable that the neighbor ended up leaving–we both thought she must be ill, she was that upset. I suspected another molar must be coming through making her uncomfortable so I gave her an ice cream cone with her lunch. Um, MOM Fail! She was perfectly fine, no new teeth, no onset of illness: she had evidently been upset that another little girl was playing with her toys. 

My dad is endlessly patient with Julia and bravely tackles projects with her–here they are planting onions in his vegetable garden. Okay, in the picture he is adjusting her forever-being-pulled-off shoe, but trust me they also planted onions. AFTER Julia pulled them out of the dirt, several times! 

My inlaws visted from Atlanta. Julia soaked up the extra attention!    We had so much fun which unfortunately I didn’t capture. Lots of great meals, long walks in the park, lively conversation–the weekend flew by!

When you’re attending two hours of middle school volleyball with a toddler you have to pull out all the stops from your diaper bag of tricks including a pair of sunglasses. I think she looks a little like Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game šŸ˜‰

No doubt she likes her new table and chairs. But #reallife in addition to her pretend food and plastic dishes, she also proudly displayed the dog’s nasty beef bone! And yes I removed it from the situation and washed her hands! 

We’re looking forward to a great week here as we have warmer temps forecasted. I think we’ll take lots of walks, do some serious playing at the park and break out our sidewalk chalk again. Someone  also has an appointment for her first hair cut ( although from the front she has very little hair, in the back she has a definite mullet that needs to be trimmed up!)

Hope everyone has a great week!


One thought on “Life Lately

  1. OH my gosh your daughter is just precious! So darn cute! Looks like a great weekend, so great you forgot to take pictures, those are the best!


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