Letting Go

Knowing that we won’t be having any more children makes it all the more bittersweet as Julia ‘grows up’. One of the many conundrums of motherhood; excitement and pride over each new stage and milestone accomplished washed over with simultaneous sadness and loss as one more facet of ‘baby ‘is  being eroded away.

I will never deliberately hold Julia back. But I AM keeping a bit of that blissful babyness for myself for a bit longer. Although Miss J has never shown a single inkling of having sensitive skin–never had any skin problems, not so much as a bout of diaper rash, I continue to wash her things in Dreft laundry detergent. Since birth I have washed her clothes, towels, burp cloths, high chair cover, bedding and washable toys in separate loads all in delicious Dreft. So I closely associate it with my daughter as it is her ‘signature scent’ and smell is such a powerful sensory trigger. At 19 months do I  *need* to use it? Probably not! Would another detergent be more effective with stain removal? Probably! But am I willing to move on? Absolutely not!

And no, this post was not sponsored by Dreft! And when I do let go and stop using the detergent, you’d better believe I’ll be using the Dreft scented Unstoppables with loads of our family towels….



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