19 months!

Today Miss J is officially 19 months old. She has never been more entertaining, the flip side of which is she has never been more exhausting! We have a full on toddler in the house! 

Eating: She remains  a great eater but I do think she is slightly pickier than she was just a couple of months ago. But that said, she eats a huge variety of things. Favorites include– BBQ pork, spinach pie, beef stew, vegetable soup, fish sticks, bleu cheese. She still doesn’t love fruit. I keep trying ( she is given fresh fruit every day) and have seen some improvement. She will eat a strawberry now which is a very recent gain and she legitimately likes grapes and cantaloupe. She does well with lots of veggies–beans of any variety, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, corn, parsnips, beets, potatoes and spinach are all hits. Mushrooms are ‘OK’ as long as they are sautéed in butter. Tomatoes are iffy as is lettuce. Meat, eggs and cheese she does well with. Like her momma she loves bread and crackers ( especially if hummus is involved).  She likes rice. But oddly does not enjoy pasta much. Doesn’t seem to matter the shape of the noodle or the sauce used– the pasta is what remains in the tray ( or flung to the dog).

Walking: Wow has the turbo kicked in– girlfriend is fast! Our flights of stairs remain gated but supervised she does well negotiating a step or two. She is also all about climbing. Sigh. Keeping her off the highest pinnacles of our furniture is a big chunk of my day.

Talking: Still pretty delayed on talking but thankfully she is improving! Lots of words we’ve only heard once or twice but ‘gog’ ( for dog) is a constant refrain. She can say dada and less reliably mama. She proudly says ‘car’ and ‘ball’. Book is ‘buhh’. 

Hair: First haircut was yesterday! They only charged me the rate for bangs as the only thing that needed cutting was the mullet in the back– haha. She has very little hair but my husband and stepson have gorgeous hair and they didn’t have an abundance as babies. So who knows!?!

Size: She wears between a 3 and a 4 diaper and in clothing she can still fit in some 18 mo but is mostly wearing 24 mo and 2 T. She wears a size 5 shoe which is slightly roomy. 

Toys: Although she still enjoys trash and found objects, she is playing more with toys. She loves playing with her pretend food and dishes. She enjoys taking care of her ‘baby’. She LOVES her ball. She likes building towers with her blocks. She is starting to do more coloring and less eating of crayons! Books are a big favorite. 

Friends:  Sigh. We do at least 2 play dates a week and of course attend local story times. But she does NOT do well with sharing. Lots of temper tantrums and ‘tude when her toys are played with by her friends. But we continue to work on it. 

This is such a period of rapid development, can’t wait to see what this next month brings 🙂


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