Friday Favorites– Girl Time Edition

Friday means amongst other things, time to link up! As always I am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites. 

Cute Raincoats: 

I am a firm believer that yucky weather seems a lot less yucky if you have something special to wear and this Raincoat fits the bill!    

Park Time:

The neighbor and I took advantage of the beautiful weather early in the week with a 4 hour walk ( with the girls in their strollers).  One of our stops was at a great park that had sand to play in– Julia had such a fun time that it is totally worth the fact that it is now Friday and I am STILL finding sand everywhere! 

First Hair Cut:

Julia has been late with the hair and has very little in the front. Unfortunately she did have a ‘party in the back’ with a definite mullet. So we went to the salon for her very first hair cut. It was a bargain as they charged me the rate for ‘bangs’!!!! Haha! 

19 months:

Yesterday Julia turned 19 months old, we celebrated with a Cinco de Mayo feast of black bean avocado tacos. 

This week was tough because my husband worked out out of town for much of the week and we missed him! But Miss J was the perfect partner to have adventures with ( even though  it sometimes means doubling back when it is discovered that she has taken off and thrown her shoe!!!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and an especially great Mother’s Day! 


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites– Girl Time Edition

    1. Thanks, it was a great week! Our spring here was late in coming so nice weather is even more appreciated! Have a great weekend 🙂


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