Stranded: 3 Books

Sometimes my very best days are when I am ‘stranded’ with a good book and get in some unexpected reading time. So I was excited about today’s topic for Shay and Erika’s Stranded series: what three books would I bring if stranded on a deserted island?

I discovered Gone with the Wind in 6th grade and believe I reread it several times the summer between 6th and 7th grade. When I fall in love with something, I am all in! I think it is a story I could get swept up in ( for the 199th time!) if I were in less than ideal circumstances such as the desert island scenario.

This one I read for the first time as an assignment in college and it basically stopped my life until it was finished: all my other homework piled up, plans with friends were canceled, every waking moment was devoted to this perfect novel. 

I get admittedly geeky about The Hours– will try to tone down my effusion for blog purposes. I love the layered stories, seemingly disparate but connect beautifully. I love Cunningham’s prose, such a beautiful writer, such a gift. Lastly reading The Hours is always a cathartic experience for me as it makes me weep– clears out my emotional junk and prepares me to face whatever us in front of me. A good cry always does that for me.

So excited for the next topic. I do believe I might be a bit of an expert on Netflix series options.


2 thoughts on “Stranded: 3 Books

    1. Such a treasure of a book. I couldn’t bear to read the sequel that came out years after the fact written by a different author, I knew it would disappoint me.


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