Weekend wrap up

This will be a quick post as our weekend was pretty uneventful. I considered not posting but sometimes these quiet weekends are the sweetest and I suspect will be the ones I’ll eventually want to remember. 

Saturday was windy and cold. We braved the elements to get some errands done. Although many times mid-May means firing up the grill and eating onside, such a blustery day inspired slow cooked comfort food–so I made a pot roast. But technically we ‘did’ fire up the grill as my husband used it to brown the meat before I placed it in the slow cooker!

Sunday we had church of course and it was the children’s service which us always so special. The younger children performed some skits and musical numbers which was just so cute and Robert ushered– he looked so adult walking up the aisle of the church! Our former assistant pastor ( who has left for a position at SMU) was visiting– was so good to see him. Robert’s mom attended the service as well, what a blessing to have such a good relationship with her! She was also a much needed extra set of hands with Miss Julia as there wasn’t anyone manning the nursery! After we got home we changed into comfy clothes and RELAXED. Well first my husband mowed our lawn 🙂 But then the real sloth began– we got our Netflix on, hard! Dinner was easy as we’d purchased a package of prepared chicken breasts at our butcher shop the day before. Amen to not having to think about planning a meal! 

Did I take pictures this weekend? Only a couple and definitely not blog-worthy. I apologize for the dull post– I promise upcoming recaps will be more action packed as we have a BUSY stretch looming on our horizon. Hosting a teenage sleepover, a birthday party, 8th grade graduation and my parents’ 50th anniversary… Won’t be too many available opportunities to binge watch Netflix in my track pants with my husband! 

I know it is popular to complain about Mondays. But I actually have always enjoyed Mondays, there is something so hopeful about the fresh start a new week brings. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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