Summer Bucket List

I’m excited to join Shelly and Katy for the Spiel the Beans link up for the first time. Today’s topic is a super fun one: Summer Bucket lists.

My favorite season remains fall– somehow 50 degree weather in October I celebrate as being ‘crisp’ but the 50 degree weather WI has been experiencing this spring has been a ‘bummer’.  But as Miss Julia closes in on two ( she is 19 months old) she is becoming more and more active which makes me so excited for summer and taking some of that energy outside! 

Door County Getaways: I am fortunate that my parents have a beautiful home in Door County about 3.5 hours north of where I live. Door Co is a tourist area located on Wisconsin’s peninsula. Lots of beaches, several large State Parks, family friendly attractions including an old school drive-in movie theater, lots to do! Julia has recently loved playing in the sand at the park so I can’t wait for her to experience the beach. There is nothing better than watching her experience our big world for the first time! My parents house sits on nearly 4 acres so there is lots to explore– they are excited for her to ‘help’ in their vegetable garden. There is nothing more helpful than a toddler– haha!

Swim Lessons: I’ve enrolled Julia in swim lessons. As at this age you obviously have the parent involved , I have been uncharacteristically diligent about my work outs in order to become swim suit ready! She loves, loves, loves her bath so I am hoping that translates into enjoying time in the pool. 

Zoo: We live about 10 minutes away from a great zoo. I am planning on purchasing a zoo pass and spending lots of time there. I last went in September and after a 3 hour visit, am not sure Miss J registered that we had seen any animals! Believe me, I won’t be springing for that zoo pass until we’ve tried again. But she is SO much more aware of/interested in her surroundings so am guessing the zoo pass will be a go. 

Simple Pleasures: I want to make lots of time for the simple stuff. Playing with sidewalk chalk, letting her run through a sprinkler, going out in the evening to look at fireflies, making homemade Popsicles, roasting marshmallows over a bonfire: basically recreating the summers of my childhood. It is really those ‘small’ things that I have carried with me into middle age not so much the ‘big events’. When I think about my childhood summers playing in a sprinkler comes to mind before the pricey trips to Disney World. 

I am looking forward to gathering inspiration from everyone’s lists. Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. “When I think about my childhood summers playing in a sprinkler comes to mind before the pricey trips to Disney World.” YES YES YES! All of the yeses! I have been really struggling with not signing my kids up for more camps and having more planned activities compared to what my friend group is doing – but then I sat and paused and decided – my summers were awesome because I hung out with my friends, played all day long and took showers in the rain.

    Thanks for linking up!


    1. It is such a hard balance. My daughter is not yet 2 and I already feel the pressure of endless enrichment activities! I of course want her in some structured activities as she grows up but I want to fight to preserve some time for her to just be a kid. I firmly believe many developmental things happen during ‘unscripted’ time.


    1. Yes I can’t wait to show her all that summer has to offer. Yesterday we went to a park that had a field of dandelions– I taught her how to blow the seeds which provided BIG entertainment. Let’s just hope she doesn’t bring that new skill home to our backyard– I don’t want my own personal field of dandelions 😉


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