TBT: Family Portrait Fail Edition

Envy is not a good look on me ( or anyone for that matter). But I firmly believe it is human to feel a little pang of jealousy when you see a beautifully styled family portrait in which the husband has been convinced to wear a ‘pop of mustard’ to tie the looks together. My beloved clan can barely get our acts together to make sure there are no visible grease stains on our ensembles! 

I was doing some organizing recently and came across a family portrait from my childhood in which obviously NO styling took place. I apologize for taking a picture of a picture– my husband was deep into using our printer and I became impatient waiting. 

I think this was taken around 1983 or 1994. The obvious question is why did we think it would look good for us all to wear black!?! It is more than a little Adams family. A look that was heightened by the dark photography studio. And then there is mom who wasn’t even looking at the camera! We selected this picture that anyone else would have written off as an outtake simply because it was the only one in which our dog’s tongue is visible thus making him almost appear in the photo. ( In the non-tongue pics he is lost in the sea of black and looked more like a fluffy black rug than a cherished family pet).

I don’t like entirely negative blog posts so I would like to give a shout out to the dress I was wearing. It was from The Limited and at the time it seemed pricey ($90) but was worth every penny as I got SO much use out of it. It was made of stretchy synthetic material that NEVER wrinkled so I could literally wad it up in a suitcase and be totally fine. The cut of the dress is SO forgiving– a bit of an empire waist, fuller skirt and again the material stretched so it seriously fit me for years during various college weight fluctuations. I could wear it at a size 0 all the way up to size 6-8. ( It was spun from the same magic as hanky panky underwear) It was the perfect black dress. 

Anyway, this picture isn’t perfect. But it does nicely show a snapshot of our mid-90s life. It makes me giggle. It makes me weep ( oh to see the dog again). It unleashes a floodgate of memories ( like the time I wore that dress to the ballet in Russia).  So keep taking family portraits, even the ones that aren’t Pinterest-worthy are valuable beyond measure. 

Have a great Thursday!


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