Let’s Talk Summer Plans

Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Let’s Talk series. 

In a couple of weeks my parents will have been married 50 years!!!! Am really looking forward to attending their anniversary party. Not only is their marriage itself a gigantic accomplishment and inspiration but the fact that so many of the guests are friends that predate their marriage! 

We plan to do a lot of playing outside. Now that Julia is closing in on two, yard play has become more elaborate. ( Last year ‘play’ mostly involved her attempting to sneak pea gravel into her mouth!) Now we’re ready for sprinklers, wading pools, sidewalk chalk. Reassurance:  In the above photo my dad was hovering just outside the frame spotting Julia, she was not unattended in that tree!!!!

I LOVE cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients. Am lucky my parents have an enormous vegetable garden so they keep me in summer produce. I also enjoy going to my city’s farmers market on Saturday mornings. 

This was taken last summer. I think she has graduated from an improvised pool ( galvanized beverage tub)! We are doing swim lessons held at a nearby school. We also plan to spend lots of time at our local pool and of course the beach. 

I am getting excited for summer! 


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