Weekend Recap: Living Outside Edition

What a glorious weekend we had–temperatures in the 70s, sunny skies and no humidity or bugs. Perfection!

On Friday my husband and I ran some errands together. Lunch was at Whole Foods where we picked up some tasty treats to enjoy over the weekend. We then headed to Meijer where these inspired us to freshen up our patio furniture. Our set is at least 16 years old and is in ROUGH shape– the furniture itself is faded and beginning to rust in places and the cushions couldn’t be rattier–faded, torn and grossly mildewed. A new set isn’t in our budget and frankly with a dog and a toddler and a very short Midwestern outdoor season it doesn’t seem like a practical investment. So inexpensive cushions and a couple cans of gray spray paint worked some miracles.

Before and after– look at how embarrassingly grungey my seat cushions were! 

We also spent I believe the best $8.00 of our lives on a little pool for Miss Julia. She basically lived in it ALL weekend!

And sigh, the dog enjoyed the pool as well. Please ignore how shaggy our lawn is– we did tidy it up! #reallife

Both Saturday and Sunday we ate dinner outside. Need to take advantage as in a blink of an eye it’ll be too hot and in a second blink it’ll be too cold again! 

Ooh, and my husband made the very best curry stir fry ( which of course we ate outside).

And we did a lot of sitting and basking in the glorious weather.

We did tear ourselves away from our yard in order to attend church Sunday morning. They announced our new Pastor who’ll begin his position in July. Transitions can be difficult but we’re excited for this next chapter.

And lastly Miss J turned 20 months old yesterday. How did that happen!?! And how do I quit using months to define her age? Before I had kids I would snicker at moms who would do that ( and there are plenty of snarky internet memes to back up that sentiment). But somehow I can’t bring myself to say ‘almost two’ I’ll try and work on it, haha!

Have a great week everyone!


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