Show and Tell Tuesday: What’s In My Bag

Today I am going to embarrass myself by linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and sharing the contents of my bag. 

Okay, I think this will be the ugliest bag on the link up. I bought it maybe 10 years ago at Express to use as a computer bag for my MacBook. It has languished for years in the back of my closet unused. That changed recently when I had a mommy meltdown. I had been schlepping around a gigantic Petunia Pickle Diaper bag for 18 months. It was becoming a black hole of baby paraphernalia. I could never find what I actually needed beneath the outgrown emergency outfit and the stuffed giraffe. Additionally the weight of it was I feared deforming my back into some sort of Hunchback of Notre Dame situation. It sure felt like it! So I decided to stream line. And I probably pared myself to a dangerous margin of illpreparedness. But in this era of seldom being further than 1000 feet from a Walgreens I feel comfortable living on that edge.

I last carried it to church so that has impacted the contents. I have Sunday’s program with its various inserts– I like to keep it for s few days in case I need to reference it but also as my toddler enjoys playing with it, far more effective than any of her actual toys in situations where she is getting restless. So if you’re getting your oil changed and see a 20 month old ‘reading’ a church program, that’s us! I also picked up a devotional– for my husband and I when we have done downtime to fill. Also a baggie of quarters– it was for our church’s noisy can offering to raise money for a community outreach program but I think they forgot to position someone with the can, and I forgot about having dutifully arrived with my quarters. 

Baby stuff: Bib, spoon, board books ( I always make sure to have at least one sensory book for her to touch in case she tires of Bethany Calvary’s program). A couple of diapers and the all important wipes. 

My stuff: My overstuffed wallet. Wish I could say puffed out with money but the reality is punch cards, business cards, etc. Need to clean it out. A couple of pens. My Aveda Mulberry lipstick for when I need a punch of color and a couple of inexpensive drugstore lip glosses. I don’t keep my nicer make up in the diaper bag as little fingers have sometimes freed them from their allotted spot and I don’t always catch it. If I lose an $8.00 lip gloss it is no big deal. 

Not pictured: If I’m actually out and about I will have my phone and keys and usually a sippy cup. And a snack. Even the streamlined bag can get heavy šŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to see everyone else’s bags : sanctioned snooping is the best!


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