Stranded: Netflix series

Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay for their stranded on a deserted island series. Today’s topic is what 3 Netflix series would you bring to the Island.

If I am being truthful and am indeed in the improbable situation of having access to 3 Netflix shows I would choose Friends, Parenthood and Gilmore Girls. Those shows never get old for me so if my ‘rescue’ was years away, no big deal I’d be entertained.

But EVERYONE already knows about those shows so it is not a particularly insightful answer so I thought I’d honorable mention a couple less well known shows in case anyone is looking for some new shows to watch ( I know I am).

Damages is a show my husband and I binge watched together. I’m always on the quest for shows that are palatable for both of us and this one definitely fit that bill–part mystery, part thriller it is one of those shows where you end up staying up way too late in order to watch ‘one more episode’.  

Broad church is a British series that I recently discovered. It is a very intense and at times psychologically intense murder mystery. I definitely became hooked and my life basically stopped as I binged through seasons one and two back to back. I read that season three is currently filming, so excited 🙂

As most of the shows I DVR are on summer hiatus, I am hoping to find suggestions for things to watch on Netflix through this link up. 

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


One thought on “Stranded: Netflix series

  1. Broadchurch is the British version of Gracepoint. Gracepoint is on Hulu now I think, you will like it as much or more than Broadchurch.


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