Real Life Home Tour: Living Room

It is about to get real. Really real. I am linking up with Kelly for her summer home tour series. Today we’re featuring our living rooms. 

I live in a bungalow that dates from the late 1920s or early 1930s. It is full of period charm– stained glass windows, beautiful woodwork and built ins. However, it is in need of some updating and especially since we live differently in 2016 with all of our paraphernalia, it doesn’t take long for things to feel cramped! 

The following pictures are definitely ‘real’.  It is a rainy dark day here so the lighting wasn’t great. With a 20 month old we’re in full on toddler stage so toys everywhere is our natural state. I asked my mom recently when I’d have a clean house again and her discouraging response was, “When Julia is 20”!

See I wasn’t kidding about the toys everywhere! Our small living room has a Pack N’ Play, a doll stroller, a toy shopping cart, a child sized table and chairs and a Bitty Baby surveying the chaos from her perch on the arm chair! An end to this is in sight though as we’re in the process of moving my husband’s home office into the basement, once that happens Julia will have a dedicated play room so much of this mess will go away. Right now our living room is technically used as a family room but again our basement is going to help us out of this space crunch as we are creating a family room in the basement. Hopefully this living room will become less cluttered and a more serene space!

The house sitting on the table is very special to me. It is a bird house with our name and wedding date on it that we used as a card box at our outdoor wedding ( held in an orchard).  It is far too pretty to use as an actual birdhouse outside. Eventually I may mount it on a wall. 

Loving my musical  husband means some serious design compromises– after all it is his space too. Hence the guitar, vintage console stereo and empty guitar stand. 

Surveying this space through the lens of grainy iPhone photos definitely has me inspired to do some sprucing up 😉 

Looking forward to sharing our dining room next week!


7 thoughts on “Real Life Home Tour: Living Room

    1. Thank you! I agree it is beautiful and does add lots of character and charm to the space ( especially when not obscured by a pack n’play!!!).


  1. I have to honestly say there is no more beautiful mess in the world than a pack n’ play, push toys and a basket of toys by the fireplace. My kids are 8 & 10 and still make plenty of mess of their own, but those sweet little days go by too quickly. Just enjoy the view!!!


    1. Thank you! I absolutely agree. There was a time when my living room was immaculate, free of clutter and with a beautifully styled mantel–in retrospect it was sterile. A “living room” that wasn’t lived in 🙂


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