Weekend Recap: 50 year marriage edition!

What a special weekend! We celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! There was a reception for friends and family members held in a gallery at the very university where my parents met and fell in love half a century ago. 

Great food, laughter and conversation. There was a slideshow of their wedding photos on a continuous loop and there were displays of their wedding photos alongside their parents’ wedding photos and parents’ 50th anniversary photos. Was wonderful way to remember my long gone grandparents.

There was an ‘after party’ at my parents’ house which is conveniently right across from campus. Incidentally both parties occurred during the day, the festivies were over by 5 PM– it was an older crowd ( there was even a 102 year old guest) so a daytime event seemed most appropriate. 

Mom with her maid of honor ( who celebrates her 50th anniversary this weekend).

Miss Julia with her 91 year old great, great uncle!

There WAS some eye candy at the party. ( my husband and stepson)

The trip home, everyone was exhausted!

Sunday we had church and cooked out. An easy breezy day that I neglected to photograph.

Have a great week!


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