Home Tour: Dining Room

Today I’m linking up with Kelly for her summer home tours series. We’re sharing our dining rooms today. 

Our dining room is not a big space but in the words of my girl crush (Joanna Gaines) it has character. I love our two built ins but they are filled to over flowing with our collection of Casa Fina stoneware. I also have two sets of china, my wedding china as well as my grandmother’s china collection which I am so sentimental about. The gigantic clock was from Kohl’s of all places and with a sale and a coupon and some Kohl’s cash it cost a whopping $4.00! The clock is flanked on either side by Sid Dickens memory blocks which unfortunately cost a bit more than $4.00 but were worth every penny. The photographs on the buffet frankly weren’t meant for the space, I was simply looking for some higher ground for them as little toddler hands kept messing with them! The dining set my husband picked out and it predates our relationship. I have lots of beautiful centerpiece bowls that I often display but today I have a flower arrangement left over from my parents’ anniversary party. And because this is real life and our world has been happily taken over by all things toddler, we have a children’s table and chairs adjacent to our dining set. I think we’re happy with our dining set as something a little less formal makes sense for our lives right now ( We eat our evening meal in our dining room every night) so fancy would be a mistake! The one thing I do see changing is the light fixture so that will likely be our next upgrade. Oh and the rug, that will likely go as well.

Please visit me tomorrow for a rare Saturday post as I plan to belatedly join the Friday Favorites link up. Enjoy your weekends!


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