Friday Favorites: Cook out edition

I am belatedly linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Friday Favorites series.

One: New Style ‘Fun Carts’

Okdy, that is likely not the technical term but other mommas will know what I’m talking about. They are the shopping carts where the child rides at the bottom thus not having access to groceries and as it is basically a regular cart that has been modified it is easily maneuverable. 

However, I kicked off my week running errands at Lowe’s with the old school fun cart style.

The picture doesn’t quite do justice for how ginormous and beastly it was– there were many aisles that I had to skip as my cart was too big. Honestly if mommas were the sole authors of social studies text books, the inventor of the regular sized fun cart would be listed alongside Eli Whitney and his cotton gin and Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone. 

Two: Outdoor Dining

When you live in Wi as I do your outdoor season is a short one– so when the weather is nice it is wise to take full advantage. My family has been doing just that and have had almost every meal outside this week.

It can be embarrassing when you show up to dinner and realize your shirt matches the tablecloth! 

I think the fresh air heightens my appetite as I have definitely been eating hearty portions this week! As I have been taking Miss J to her toddler swim lessons, I may want to ease up on the gluttony as momma needs to be able to fit into her swim suits! 

Our yard is far from lovely but I firmly believe everything become 100 times more beautiful when illuminated under twinkle lights. We plan to put up a few more strands. #nevertoomanytwinklelights

Three: My Dog’s Antics

My dog lurks under Miss J’s high chair like an opportunistic shark which has some pitfalls. One being she accidentally eats a raisin on occasion and two sometimes as pictured above, she ends up covered in whatever the toddler with ‘tude is flinging from her tray. In the above photo she has yogurt on her ear which is deterring her not at all from her shark duties.

Four: Baby Play Dates

Not a great picture but trust me it was very cute to see 20 month old Julia interact with 6 month old Brirlle! In the above picture Julia was ‘sharing’ which was a conundrum for me because I have been working so hard to get her to share but as pictured her toy hand offs were a little aggressive for such a little friend. We ended up having to talk about being gentle and there *may* have been a melt down. But overall the sweet moments outnumbered the tantrum-y ones. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be doing a weekend recap on Monday. 


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