Weekend Recap: Father’s Day Edition

It was a hot weekend here but that did not deter us one bit from family fun! Especially when it came to celebrating our favorite guy.

My stepson and I headed out super early Saturday morning to do some special shopping. 

Why the random car pic? BTW, we were parked in the lot when this was taken– no electronics used while driving! I had a sentimental moment when I realized he was in the front passenger seat of my van. For years of course he was relegated to the back seat as he was a little guy and that is the safest spot. And then his sister arrived on the scene and he generally prefers sitting next to her ( which is super helpful as she has the tendency to become fussy in the car). So this 1) made me remember how grown up he has become and 2) How rare one on one outings have become for us. Need to remedy that!

Back to our excursion, my husband loves a good tee shirt and I have discovered that Kohl’s has nice soft graphic tees. Unfortunately Jeff IS a little picky about what is depicted on his graphic tee so Robert and I did multiple laps in the men’s department on our quest. There were multiple displays of tees in multiple locations and 99.99% of them I knew would not meet his standard: lots of comic book and cartoon characters and shirts depicting alcohol. Finally we found this shirt well technically a similar one, ours was blue with a slightly different graphic but it is Monday morning and I am too lazy to keep search Kohl’s website! We also found a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt as well– my husband may not like cartoons but he does very much love anything music related!

There was a dollar store next door which is pretty much impossible for me to pass up because you never know. Ended up finding a ball for Miss Julia and some small plastic bowls for her to fling off her high chair tray. Oh and I decided Robert needed a headband to match his shirt!

As I mentioned it was super hot ( by WI standards) so some pool time was in order.

And some time playing in the air conditioning! 

Saturday night we had an early Father’s Day dinner–steaks, creamed spinach, sautéed veggies and berry topped cheesecake. Which I didn’t get any pictures of as I hungrily dug in immediately and no one wants to see a partially emptied plate, not pretty! We also presented his new shirts in the very best packaging possible– ourselves. Robert and I each put on  one of the tees over our outfits and then waited for Jeff to comment. Jeff saw me first and had a long, sustained conversation with me never noticing that I was wearing a men’s XL tee ( I am 5’2″) featuring a guitar and with the tags still attached. #observant  Luckily he redeemed himself by noticing Robert’s shirt right away. 

Sunday was church, it was a bittersweet day as it was our pastor’s final service as he is retiring. But as I was helping in the nursery and thus refereeing toddler toy disputes, I was distracted from the emotional impact of this transiston. He will be deeply missed. We were all dressed so nicely, I had the intention of taking some Father’s Day pictures but in the heat we were so eager to get out of our church clothes it didn’t happen. 

Not the photo op, I had envisioned!  And yes Robert put on his dirty shirt from Saturday for this project. Jeff desperately wants to get this sofa into our basement for the family room we’re in the process of creating. Unfortunately it is way too big to make the narrow steps as well as sharp turn to get into the basement. But #determination so it was a father/son dismantle the couch project involving the removal of a bajillion ( exact figure) staples. Is there anything classier than a partially dismantled piece of upholstered furniture in your yard? Um, no. And after hours of labor it is STILL in the yard where it spent the night under a tarp. Fingers crossed for a resolution today! 

Hope everyone has a great week! I’ll be back tomorrow for the Show and Tell Tuesday link up– a topic near and dear to my heart: pets!


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