Show and Tell Tuesday: Pets

Pets are definitely important family members so I am excited to honor mine in Andrea’s link up.

My very first pet I actually don’t have any photos of ( my parents have plenty of pics), she was a rabbit imaginatively named ‘Rabbit’. My parents had Rabbit pre-kids so I imagine her rabbit world went from incredibly spoiled to somewhat neglected. There are some hilarious pictures of me pushing a very unhappy looking rabbit in my doll buggy when I was about three or so. We lost Rabbit to natural causes when I was 4 so in all honesty I barely remember her but I wanted to include her because of one crazy anecdote. At the time our family lived in a large historic home dating from the 1880s. There was an odd, small room about the size of a bathroom or pantry off of the kitchen. As my parents already had a dedicated pantry and a bathroom it wasn’t used in those capacities. Once Rabbit entered the scene it became  her room. We moved when I was 8 and allow me to do the math, Rabbit had already been gone 4 years. Well the new homeowners also found that little room odd, a fact they must have mentioned to neighbors who explained it had been our ‘ rabbit room’ so for the decade the new homeowners lived in the house that is what they called it. They eventually moved and the next set of homeowners also used the term ‘ rabbit room’– at this point it was the 1990s and there had not been a rabbit using that room since 1977! Haha!

My first memorable pet was the puppy I received for my 9th birthday.

Let’s just take a moment to enjoy the green shag carpeting my parents had in 1982! Chester was a wonderful dog for our family but by any dog training standards, not so much! He had about every characteristic you do not want in a dog: jumping on people–check, barking incessantly–check, not good on a leash–check but he also was very loving and very loyal. As a pre-teen I fell asleep on an inflatable raft at a Lake Michigan beach and drifted so far so out that the shoreline was barely visible. What woke me up? Chester had noticed, become worried and swam out to my raft– his huffing and puffing was what woke me up. He was clearly Lassie’s ill mannered but good hearted cousin! 

My first ( and only pet) as an adult has been Izzie ,a boxer that we’ve had since she was a puppy. 

She clearly has a lot to put up with as we enjoy putting her in holiday themed hats and headbands. 

But we also have a lot to put up with as well!

Izzie, despite what these photos would suggest, was never much of a chewer. But she DOES like punishing us for our wrongdoings. In the first photo she was unhappy because we had boarded her for ONE night. After picking her up she cold shouldered us, refusing to be petted, would turn her head away from us, etc. I thought that was our punishment but apparently she was just warming up in expressing her displeasure as later that day she chewed up season one of Boardwalk Empire which we had checked out from the LIBRARY!!!! The second photo occurred when I was 8 months pregnant. My husband had had a long stint of working from home so he was with Izzie all day which she loved. But then he had an out of town business trip– on the first day of his absence I put Iz in doggie daycare while I was at work ( unlike being boarded she loves day care). But on day two I decided to keep her home while I worked, something she had experienced many many times before but not in recent weeks. I got home from work exhausted, hot (it was late August), uncomfortably pregnant I just wanted to get out of my dressy work clothes and put my feet up. But Iz had other ideas for me. We had recently purchased 12 ears of sweet corn which were in a plastic bag on our kitchen counter. Izzie had pulled it down while I was at work and then rampaged through the house with it– there were corn kernels, silks and husks everywhere– in our kitchen, our living room and our dining room. Apparently consuming raw corn ( and shreds of plastic bag) is not great for the canine digestive system as there were other messes to clean up as well. It was unspeakably awful! 

But the amount of love I have received from my pets is well worth the messes, even the dramatic ones!  And clearly once the mess is cleaned up I can laugh about it! 

Thanks for checking out my blog, it is very appreciated.  Tomorrow I’m going to write about my moments of mommy smugness and how ‘well’ those have gone!


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