One of my favorite quotations is “Comparison is the thief of joy” attributed to Thoeodore Roosevelt.  So true but so difficult to avoid! 

I REALLY try to not compare myself to other mothers and Julia with other children. But rest assured that those moments when  my humility goes on hiatus ALWAYS lead to a valuable lesson! 

The smug began before Julia was even born! I envisioned her having minimal tacky plastic toys– instead charming hand crafted wooden toys would dominate her play spaces.  Um, what was I thinking!?! She does indeed have done cute wooden toys ( she especially enjoys her Melissa & Doug wooden pretend food and wooden puzzles. But honestly her toys are mostly plastic: doll dishes, rocking horse, doll house, scooters, farm set, sorting shapes set, the list goes on and on! And that is okay, she enjoys her plastic toys, plays with them imaginatively and they are easy to clean. Yes the wooden toys are generally cuter, more aesthetically appealing but really do I want a photogenic play room or one that she actually enjoys playing in!?! The latter of course.  But the smug pre-baby expectations didn’t end there.  I pictured reading literary works to my child to really enhance her vocabulary. What I envisioned reading: 

Because every child under two will nicely sit and listen to unabridged works from the 19th century! What we actually read over and over and over and over: 

But I also has lofty expectations for my own reading as I wanted to provide my infant with a wonderful model. Here is what I bought to read after the baby was born:  

Because reading a 900 page biography while taking care of a newborn makes perfect sense! What I actually ended up reading:

Today was part one of my smug expectations versus reality. Tomorrow will be part two. Pretty sad that my shortcoming needs a multi-part series! Haha! 

Have a great Wednesday!


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