Friday Favorites 

Excited to link up with Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites.

One: Cooler Weather

We had a stretch of uncomfortably warm and humid weather which has since let up so we’re thrilled to be able to spend time outside again! Yesterday we had a great time at the park. 

Two: Finding My Groove

I actually blogged Monday-Friday, feels good to make it a regular habit. I especially enjoy breaking down the “real” sharing my struggles ( while laughing at myself a bit). I wrote about my rather smug parenting pre-baby expectations here and as I wrote I discovered that it was too lengthy for one post so part two which features my parenting fails that came during my most prideful moments can be read here

Three: Silly Little Girl

I love watching Julia explore her world even though sometimes it is impossible to not laugh. when she walks around the room wearing her daddy’s shoes is one of those times. 

Next week I promise to be more organized and post links to some of the things I have purchased lately. As a SAHM our budget is razor thin but I have managed to find some deals that look more expensive than they are which I look forward to sharing. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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