Let’s Talk: Red, White & Blue

Happy Monday! I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for their monthly Let’s Talk series. Today’s topic is all things red, white and blue a perfect way to gear up for our upcoming holiday weekend!

First of all, a look at last year and my little bald baby girl. 

Although I love holiday decorating, I don’t do much for 4th of July. Although I DID have a roommate after college who was REALLY into holiday decorating and the duplex we lived in was filled to the max with Uncle Sam statues of various sizes and every surface that could be draped in a red, white and blue bunting certainly was for the entire month of June. It was a bit TOO festive and I was always happy when July 5th rolled around. 

I am on my SAHM mom budget and am decidedly not crafty so I have made use out of what I have on hand.

Flower vase with sparklers, gold stickers and a quote from the Star Spangled Banner. 

Love having some holiday linens on hand. I apologize for the state of my patriotic dish towel. My husband does not respect the decorative value of holiday linens and uses them to my great chagrin for um, their intended purpose of mopping up and drying off–haha!

Lastly I like to incorporate a fun dessert into our celebration. This could probably be a successful Pinterest  ‘Fail’ submission but I would rather have little hands helping me than to have perfectly aligned fruit any day of the week.

Hope everyone has a great day! I’ll be back tomorrow to recap our weekend which will include one of my very favorite summer recipes.


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