Friday Favorites

Today is going to be a super quick post because I neglected to write it last night & we’re headed out for our weekend getaway in a couple hours and still have lots to do! As I do most Fridays I’ll be I’m linking up with AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

One:  Awesome Report Card

Was so proud of my stepson’s hard work! He spent all of 8th grade on the honor roll ( or high honor roll). And that was while taking some tough classes like Algebra. I am so excited to see what he achieves in high school.

Two:  Road Trips!

This picture was taken a couple of years ago but still me giggle. So excited to hit the road this morning. The beach is calling my name!

Three: Carry Out

Love that the night before our trip my husband suggested carry out. No kitchen clean up for the win! We got awesome Hawaiian food– the shredded pork was amazing.  A bonus was watching Little Miss navigate chopsticks for the first time! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I look forward to checking in with you next week for your pictures and recaps. 


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