Show and Tell Tuesday: My tribe

I am delaying my weekend recap in order to participate in Andrea’s Show and Tell Tuesday link up. Today’s topic is ‘our tribe’.

I cherish my friendships and tend to keep them a long time. One of my closest friends I have had since 1982. And my college roommate and I have been inseparable since 1991. I have many other friendships that have lasted more than a decade but longevity is not the barometer of a friendship’s importance– I also have friends whom I have known less long but who are wonderful, special and important to me. 

My friends are all very different but the one commonality is that they provide a safe space for me to be myself without judgement. Laughter: yes, tons of giggles but judgement: never. People who generously allow you to make mistakes tend to be the relationships where there is the most growth. 

Look forward to hearing about everyone’s tribes! 


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