Weekend Recap: 4th of July Edition 

We had an awesome weekend! We spent Friday through Sunday enjoying Door County’s perfect weather. But we returned home in time to enjoy our suburb’s 4th of July festivities. 

And yes I know I wore a jacket to the beach, it truly wasn’t necessary I actually had it on because I get chilly in the car with the air conditioning. I am such an old lady!

In the next pic Miss J is enjoying a homemade cream puff filled with fresh strawberries picked that very day from my parents’ garden. Yum!

I was super excited to try a new restaurant for lunch. I think Julua was excited too!

We met friends at the beach. It was CROWDED! But we still had a great time. Was wonderful catching up with my friend Amy (we’ve been friends since college) and her children ( who are older) were so good with Miss J.  

After we said our goodbyes to Amy and her family we went out for frozen custard. Which brings me to my holiday weekend tip: if you want to bring our family to a very popular ice cream establishment during a busy holiday weekend, do what we did and go right BEFOREHAND the dinner hour. We met my friend Sudha and her son Wesley at 4:15 PM and it was perfection, we had the place to ourselves! Apparently most people are not interested in spoiling dinner appetites. The second piece of brilliance was that the place had a playground which distracted Miss J so much that she had no interest in ice cream!  So her appetite for dinner remained intact. 

Sunday morning we went to a dairy breakfast held on a working farm. It is a fundraiser for a local 4H program and it is a BIG event. In addition to breakfast, there is a petting zoo as well as barns of farm animals to look at, displays of classic automobiles, a live band performing, an ice cream station and a play area for kiddos. They even drive you in on a hay ride! Julia was fascinated by the animals.

On Monday we attended our local parade. 

Robert and I made Mix and Match Mama’s Red, White and Blueberry Parfaits which were delicious and so easy. 

After 4 days of nonstop fun, Julia was ready for a 5:30 PM bedtime! 

Was such a great weekend but like Julia I am ready to regroup and get back to our regular schedule. Vacation is great but nothing beats home! 


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