My Secret Shame: AKA My Junk Drawer

I am belatedly participating in a link up with The Blended Blog. The topic is what’s in your junk drawer. Sometimes shining a light on something on my blog shames me into better behavior and I am hoping that is the case here! So out of the darkness comes my junk drawer in all of it’s cluttered glory!

Yikes! It is even worse than I thought. I have compiled an itemized list for convenience. 


Pet Brush ( clearly used but not on our current short haired dog)

Puppy collar and leash (our dog is about to turn 6) 

Freebie barometer 

Box cutter

Gorilla Glue

Packing tape

Bottle opener

Baker’s twine and approximately 10,000 mini clothes pins ( my contribution to the junk drawer chaos)

Assorted screw drive test

Vacuum belts ( need to check to see if we still have the accompanying vacuum)

Cheap plastic door stop

Package of drain strainers

Chip clip

A plastic bag with an toilet paper roll assembly

A solid layer of safety pins, coins, twist ties, paper clips, rubber bands, bolts and screws and mystery metal bits.

You’re welcome as I am sure anyone reading this is feeling relieved about their own junk drawer situations. Today this drawer gets tackled and I’ll have the happy task of finding a new purpose for said drawer as literally everything currently residing there is either trash bound it will be rehomed elsewhere. I am thinking maybe it would be a good stationary drawer– organize my stamps and thank you notes, etc. I will post “after pics” next week for anyone who needs resolution. I seldom watch any of the Hoarders shows but if I stumble across them I watch to the very end every single time as psychologically I need to see it cleaned up. So I promise to provide that catharsis with my junk drawer! 


2 thoughts on “My Secret Shame: AKA My Junk Drawer

    1. Perfect! My husband who ,if left to his own devices, could slip into a hoarder lifestyle became very nervous about the cleaning of the junk drawer as he was worried ” he would no longer be able to find things” Hahaha!


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