Kid’s Room Tour

Is there anything better than a home tour!?! I absolutely love seeing everyone’s homes, totally gets me inspired. Today I am linking up with Kelly for her Friday home tour series. Today’s topic is Kid’s Room. I’m only going to show my daughter’s room as I try to respect my stepson’s privacy– he is 14 years old and I am quite certain that I organically embarrass him enough WITHOUT posting details of his life on my blog! I’ll just say that 2 years ago we let him take ownership of his room and he chose new paint colors for his walls as well as new bedding. It is most definitely a teenager’s room now.

Julia’s room is a work in progress. We needed to do a gender neutral nursery as we opted to not find out her gender ahead of time. We painted the walls a sage color which in retrospect may be a bit dark for the space but as I originally chose a mint that I decided was too ‘minty’ after my husband had painted the entire nursery, I decided to keep the sage-so that my husband wouldn’t have to repaint the room a 3rd time! Thus keeping our marriage intact! I decided to do a Beatrix Potter theme as I think it is timeless and classic. The pops of pink were obviously added after she was born and I think they do a nice job of brightening up the sage. 

Real life! I need to straighten out her bedding! It is difficult to see in the picture but she has Peter Rabbit bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. The mobile obviously needs to come down. She leaves it alone and I honestly forget about it, but to be safe it needs to come down. 

The hutch used to be in my parents’ dining room when they were first married ( and then spent the next 30+ years in storage). We repainted it white and added some Bestrix Potter decals. I have displayed various Beatrix Potter stuffed animals, a Peter Rabbit lamp found in an antique shop and of course the complete treasury of Beatrix Potter books. The Julia blocks were from an antique shop– I keep them displayed out of her reach for fear of lead paint. Most special of all to me is the hedge hog– One of my dear friends knit it for me so that I could have a Mrs Tiggie Winkle. That would have been amazing enough but she was going through a terrible tragedy at the time and the fact that as she was dealing with horrible, horrible stuff she made me such a thoughtful gift just brings tears to my eyes even now two years later. I have the very best friends!

Love our little reading nook. I spend a lot of time on that glider! My mother in-law reupholstered the glider to a pale gray ( it was originally used in my stepson’s nursery and was blue). The blanket draped over the back was made by my cousin– I should really take a close up picture of it as it is full of fantastic detail. As you can probably gather, homemade gifts are the most special to me. Next to the glider is a window seat my dad made to cover up an ugly radiator. The pink cushion was made again by my mother in law.

Should also mention that the Tiggie Winkle print was displayed in my nursery, gulp, 40 years ago! Oh and the rag doll on the window seat was made by my dad. Yes,my dad– he is a true renaissance man as he can reroof a large house entirely on his own, build a window seat AND sew! 

The dresser was actually my childhood changing table. Like the hutch we repainted it and added Beatrix Potter decals. We definitely need a new nightlight. I broke Julia’s very sweet rabbit night light and so we’re temporarily using one of my Department 56 houses. To be specific, Miss Havisham’s house from Great Expectations–pretty grim choice for a nursery!!!!!

Oh, and the sock monkeys displayed on the dresser were made by my dad as well– I think the tutu wearing sock monkey is especially clever. I have an affinity for sock monkeys as my late Grandmother had a sock monkey toy at her house so myself and the other grandchildren inevitably played with it during every visit. Today when I see a sock monkey I think ofmy Grandma whom I miss so much. 

Okay, evidence that I need a closet door– my daughter’s closet is in shambles! But thankfully there is a plan in place to settle the chaos– her non-board books are stored on the upper shelf of her closet so that little fingers don’t do damage ( tearing paper is a current passion). The playroom we’re currently working on had a tall bookcase which will work beautifully.  The picture above the changing table was in her brother’s nursery as well and was a gift from my husband’s late Grandma. It is our way of remembering her– so happy my husband is as sentimental as I am! 

One last corner. Another area for books– I always envisioned a nursery full of books which I have certainly achieved.  The doggies on display were courtesy of again my dad! The double doors lead to unfinished attic space where still MORE books are stored as well as holiday decorations for her room.

Julia’s room isn’t ‘perfect’. No magazine is going to want to do a glossy photo spread of it. But to me it feels warm– she is surrounded by meaningful things, family history, evidence of how very loved she is, it makes me smile. 

Lastly I apologize for my photography skills!!!! How do real estate agents do it!?!  Photographing a room is tricky business .

Tomorrow I will be doing a belated Friday Favorites post. Have a great weekend!


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