Friday Favorites: Saturday Edition

Good morning. This is a day late as I opted to participate in a home tour series yesterday. You can read about my daughter’s room here.

Today I am participating in Friday Favorites with Andrea,Erika and Narci

Favorite 1:

My husband! He began a new job this week and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He always does the tough things for the good of our family. 

Favorite 2:

One of the irritations of life is when at recipe uses only a partial amount of a perishable ingredient, especially a seldom used ingredient. What typically happens is that as I hate waste, I will dutifully put the remainder into my fridge where it will kick along unused until spillage is well under way–science experiment territory and only then do I reluctantly toss it out. Well I had a half can of condensed milk left over from my patriotic parfaits which I was determined to use. I googled recipes and opted to bake these:

The good news is that they were super basic and only required a couple of ingredients all of which I had on hand. But the bad news is that they were HORRIBLE! Tasteless and dry. The recipe did not call for sugar which in my opinion these cookies desperately needed, cookies should be sweet! I considered making a glaze for them which would have a helped a bit. But I reached the point that it just didn’t seem worth it. So in addition to wasting the 1/2 cup of my leftover condensed milk that these unconsumed cookies used I also wasted 2 sticks of butter and 2 cups of flour ( as well as baking powder and salt). Sigh. Does this story count as a favorite? I guess my favorite us being able to laugh at myself and these cookies definitely made me laugh!

Favorite 3:

Speaking of laughing at oneself….

My husband is an engineer but some of his projects require him being outside. His new company issued him some gear which I was organizing for him when I came upon this cold weather hood thing.    I couldn’t resist trying it on and pretending to be a ninja! Lots of silliness in our house! Ignore my mom shorts– it was literally laundry day! Vanity is overrated, I will totally post unflattering pictures for the laugh.

Well this is all I have this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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