Stranded: 3 Famous People

Good morning. Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their monthly Stranded series. 

Today’s topic is what 3 famous people I would bring to a deserted island. First off I have NO desire to bring anyone who is truly a survivalist. #BearGryllsnotinvited I think someone who was enthusiastic and peppy about using dirty undies as a water filter would kick the I tolerability up a notch. I would much rather be stranded with people who had watched enough reality TV to have some notion of how to “survive” but would be appropriately squeamish about it. Which brings me to my list: 

David Sedaris. He is a writer and humorist. I think having a natural storyteller would help while away the endless hours. 

Amy Schumer would also bring the funny. And I think that some laughs would be much needed. I imagine she and Dabid could riff off one another. 

But sometimes you don’t want to laugh away your troubles, you just want to have a good cry and wallow in the misery. Which brings me to my girl Adele. 

It is all about balance folks.

This was fun as always.  Next minth’s topic is shoes. My husband won’t be on the island, right? He always complains that I choose inappropriate footwear for the situation. I *may* have gone on a hike with him in wedges. More than once!  

Have a great day everyone! 


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