4 year Wedding Anniversary

July is a big month for my husband and I. We met in July of 2003. We began dating in July of 2009. We married in July of 2012. We became engaged on June 28th of 2011 which could easily be ’rounded up’ to July of 2011. Blogger math to create a perfect relationship quadrant, haha!

My favorite wedding picture was taken by one of our guests. It was me posing with my Uncle Jerry who was the very first guest to greet me as a Mrs. The picture is especially treasured as my Uncle died a year and a half after our wedding. He is deeply missed. 

This picture of Jeff and I talking to the Pastor who married us is my second favorite photo of the day. What in the world is Pastor Foster saying to illicit such a facial expression from me!?!

Since we opted for a more casual wedding held in my parents’ apple orchard we had a pig roast with pies for dessert instead of wedding cake. Here Jeff and I are awkwardly trying to create done fun pie photo ops.

If we look a little disheveled in the photos it is because it was 95 degrees and HUMID! One of the risks you run with an outdoor wedding in July ( even one held in relatively cool northern Wisconsin). But in a way it is a metaphor for what marriage is: it is never matches up exactly to the picture you have in your head but that is okay– you just have to roll with it! 

In my husband I picked the very best person to ‘roll’ with. Happy anniversary, Babe. Thank you for making me feel loved every single day. 


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