Weekend Recap

Monday came quickly this week! I think that is a sign that we had fun.

Friday was so low key I barely remember it. We ran some errands , watched some movies and made some pasta. Nothing terribly bloggable but a pleasant day.

On Saturday I had the sad business of attending a visitation for a young woman whose family attends my church.  I had intended to pay my respects and then depart before the funeral so walked over to the church with a friend, my husband was arriving later as he was asked to work the soundboard during the funeral. It became clear that there was a need to have someone manning the nursery so I switched up our plans and stayed in the nursery for the service, when Jeff arrived he brought Julia with to join me. I was so happy to help even in this admittedly small way. When tragedy strikes it can make you feel very helpless, it is so nice to find tangible things to do. I had intended to bring Julia to our block party but by the time the funeral ended she was very much in need of lunch and a nap. So she missed the arrival of the fire truck and the piñata. But the good news is that our block party occurs every year so there will be lots of future opportunities to experience those things. If I had drug a hungry overtired child this year it would have been more for me and the cute photo ops and less for her enjoyment and that is frankly wrong. I did bring her over much later and she had the opportunity to play with her friends so it wasn’t a completely missed experience. 

Later in the afternoon Jeff picked up one of Robert’s good friends for a sleep over. We took the boys (and Miss J) out for Mexican -and then later for frozen yogurt.

Julia and I shared an enormous dish, each with our own spoon. She was quite an enabler as each time I set my spoon down to inhale a little oxygen ( versus swirled cake batter and chocolate gelato covered with crushed Oreos and cheesecake bites) she would very pointedly hand me back my spoon! 

Another sweet moment occurred as we walked to the yogurt shop, she was holding my husband’s hand as they walked–I wish I had a picture, it was so cute. When her sandal strap came undone. She stopped, refastened her own Velcro and then was on her way. Such a big girl!

Sunday Jeff attended church on his own while I stayed home with the kids. In order to awaken the boys at 10:30 so they could eat breakfast before Robert’s friend’s 11:00 AM pick up, I had to resort to threats. All my extortions to get up had failed as had the dog’s scrambling frantically all over the bed, her tongue a-licking. So I said , “You boys get up or else I am taking a picture of you two in bed and tagging you on Facebook”. That did the trick! 

We properly celebrated National Ice Cream Day with some Carmel ice cream for lunch. We had some delicious Sunday afternoon naps. And watched some movies on Amazin Prime. Oh and I found this sweet selfie on my phone.

Looking forward to a hopefully more active week as Miss J and I are on the tail end of our colds. 

Tomorrow I will be back to participate in a home tour link up. 

Have a great week!


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