Friday Favorites: Kindness Edition

Friday! Which means time to link up with AndreaNarci and Erika for Friday Favorites. Today my theme is being good to one another.

One: Generosity 

I wish I had a better picture with Julia, but isn’t this goat sweet!?! Made even sweeter by the fact it was my good friend’s daughter’s brand new toy. She took her mom aside during our visit and asked her for permission to gift it to Julia. I thought that was just the sweetest. It is a special reminder of Door County as one of the landmark tourist attractions is Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant, it is a log building imported from Sweden, featuring a grass roof with goats, yes live goats, on top! They spend the day literally stopping traffic while on the roof and then go home to a nearby farm for the evening. What is sort of neat is being on the roof is optional for the goats. In the morning when the truck arrives to transport them , the goats know the deal and if they want to go they hop on, if not they stay home. So you never know if there will be 10 or 2 goats on the roof on any given day. The link I have included gives more info and a live goat cam! Be prepared though that Door Co is experiencing an unusual heat wave so there is a good chance the goats won’t be out today. Oh, and fun unrelated fact: my high school class was photographed for our yearbook on the roof! Anyway this goat was purchased at Al Johnson’s ( am sure you can find it if you peruse the site, sorry about not finding the specific link for the toy). The tag that came with it was pretty cute as well ( ignore how tattered it is from my toddler’s death grip!)

As well as reminding us of our wonderful time in Door County, the goat is a tangible reminder of how generous and kind little Tenley is– I hope that Miss Julia grows up with a similar spirit.

Two: I shouldn’t be so nice

In yesterday’s post I talked about why this is my least favorite phrase! You can read it Here.

Three: Giving each other grace

This was the calm before the storm at the grocery store yesterday. I took her off the horsey before little miss was ready which resulted in our very first on the dirty concrete floor grocery store tantrum. Tears, screams, arms and legs flailing. I was mortified as I removed my squalling child. But then I realized that indeed all eyes were upon us but not in judgement. I have never had so many kind and sympathetic looks from strangers. Sweet words. Grace all around me. What began as one of the worst moments of my day ended up being one of the best because it reminded me of the tribe of mommas of which I belong  and how very supportive it can be.

This is all I have today. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Feel free to share in the comments moments of unexpected kindness from your life.


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