Weekend Recap: Hot in Herre 

Like most of the country, it was HOT here, but we didn’t let it slow us down or stop us from having fun! And for those of you who aren’t enthusiasts of 90s hip hop, my title is not a typo but rather a reference to the Nelly song. 

On Friday my friend and I took our little girls to the zoo. I am so thankful that my friend so generously allowed us to use her zoo pass as to say Miss J’s interest in the animals was minimal would still be overstating it! She had a great time for sure : running wild, digging in wood chips, waving a found stick, attempting to play with someone else’s abandoned plastic spoon. But the animals? Um, not really. When we were picnicking a peacock wandered over to our table and was majestically within inches of Miss J she threw it a cursory glance and then proceeded to resume clamoring for my empty La Croix can. I think that anecdote sums up our whole zoo experience. She had fun yes, but her fun would have been just as readily available in any vacant lot!

One of many animals Julia did not notice!

Saturday I was SO proud of my husband! After a long work week instead of his usual routine of lingering over coffee and the Wall Street Journal, he was out of the house by 7 AM in order to help our church set up for the biggest charity event of the year. This involved a lot of heavy lifting in this terrible heat and humidity (terrible even so early in the morning). When he returned home 3 hours later he was dripping. Not to be gross but he was wearing a mesh baseball cap and when he took it off it was dripping like a faucet! But did he complain? Not at all! He was incredibly cheerful and excited about the community outreach our church is accomplishing. By the way this was on the heels of his spending his Friday evening grilling 200 hot dogs ( again in the heat!) in preparation for the share fair. I am so thankful that our daughter will grow up with him modeling his heart for service. I had meant to bring Miss J to our church fair but it was way too hot so we skipped it– was disappointing as I know she would have loved the bounce houses. Next year for sure! 

Sunday morning I made French toast.

Miss J generally breakfasts on some variation of oatmeal, toast or scrambled eggs so I thought she’d flip out over the special treat of French Toast. Um, no. She only wanted the blueberries. Sigh. 

But I certainly did not refuse the pretend tea she offered me when later in the morning I dropped her off at the church nursery.

We also had a Sunday miracle! My husband was in the mood to shop! We went to both Nordstrom Rack and J Crew! I bought some gray pants in anticipation of fall. And we ate dinner out which meant no kitchen clean up for this momma! 

Whew, it was a fun filled weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow for What’s Up Wednesday. 


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