Weekend Recap–Up North Edition

Good morning. In WI many people head to what is vaguely referred to as ‘up north’ for vacations and weekend getaways. In the summer there is lake fun to be had–boating, fishing, etc. In the winter lots of skiing and snowmobiling. And of course my favorite vacation destination, Door County, is technically ‘up north’ as well for straight up touristy fun. When I was in first grade or so, I clearly has no sense if the scope of the ‘up north’ umbrella as when I overhead my mom chatting with a friend about the friend’s upcoming getaway, I very earnestly piped in that she should be looking for my classmate, Jason’s hat which he had left ‘ up north’. Haha!

Well this past weekend we happily headed north for a Door County weekend. We always kick things off with an awkward selfie. 

Yikes, needed to run a brush through my mop! Can you tell our windows were down!?!

We broke up our 3.5 hour drive with dinner at our favorite diner located in Sheboygan. What is Sheboygan known for? Brats! And this diner has spectacular ones. The place is decidedly casual even by diner standards–nothing is served in dishware, everything is brought to the table in waxed paper. In case a greasy sausage isn’t naughty enough, I washed it down with a root beer float. #vacation

Take note of the sippy cup photo bomb, that is a theme sustained through our weekend!

Saturday morning began with a visit from my dear childhood friend Nicole, her husband Arthur and their adorable 8 month old foster son. Her foster son is not allowed to have his picture in social media so he won’t be making an appearance on the blog, but trust he is SO cute! I was VERY proud of Julia as she shared time and attention with Kayden and even let him take a turn on her swing. #progress

We had a huge lunch which included deep fried cheese curds. Then we waddled it off at the lake front.

After we said some very difficult goodbyes to our friends, my dad tookJulua to the beach and they had fun splashing in the water and playing in the sand. While Julia and her Gramp were occupied, Jeff and I went out in a quest for a slush. We spent 45 minutes driving around checking out various gas stations and even trying coffee shops for a frozen concoction. We had no success but had so much fun talking, laughing and connecting that it felt like a date! We then realized we have not been out together just the two of us since a Christmas party in December!!! We agree we need to be better about making time for ourselves as a couple! 

Sunday after lounging in absolutely PERFECT weather in my parents’ patio, we headed back to Milwaukee. Was a brief trip but so much fun. 

Healthier eating habits begin today! 


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