Sitting One Out

I have been LOVING seeing what everyone is purchasing at the anniversary sale. But although I am a card carrying Nordstrom enthusiast, I have opted to sit out this sale. 

Mainly it is because I am committed to maintaining our budget which allows me to stay home with Miss J. Partially it was because I already have so much stuff. There were some awesome, awesome deals to be had but how many booties do I really need? I would love to have shelf after shelf filled with every color and style but as far as ‘needing’, I am probably good. 

To be honest, ‘window shopping’ other people’s blogs and Instagram posts has been tremendously satisfying. I feel content dreaming this year. There will be other sales and I am confident that I’ll pull the trigger on lots of items. But for now this feels right for the season of life we’re in– won’t last forever. 


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