Friday Favorites 

Friday means time to link up with AndreaNarci and Erika for Friday Favorites. 

On Monday I watched my friend’s 19 month old son, Carter for a couple of hours so she could go to a doctor’s appointment. I had so much fun with the kids and Carter couldn’t have been easier but taking care of a 19 month old AND a 21 month old is no joke! Miss j was worn out and fell asleep promptly after dinner.

I felt that way too!  Wearing my little one out with a fun filled day is definitely a Favorite! Especially on Bachelorette finale night!

Another Favorite is silly fun with my husband. We were adding through JC Penney while running errands and he could resist a display of BRIGHT sport coats! 

He also tried on a tomato red and a peacock worthy teal. We laugh a lot when we’re out and about! 

We are now trying to clean up our diet a bit as it has been an awfully fun summer which has left our clothes a little snug. But every diet needs to begin with a last supper. Or in our case, a last lunch. A Portillos recently opened in our area so it was a great place for our final binge. Italian beef with a side of cheese fries? Yes, please! Naughty eating is clearly my favorite!

Lastly I will never tire of the sweet moments between my husband and daughter, always a Favorite. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Feel free to share with me any of your health conscious recipes that won’t have us missing cheese fries TOO much. 


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