Weekend Recap: few pictures edition.

I need to be better about taking pictures. Not only for documentation purposes but to jog my memory–on Monday morning, Friday seems awfully far away! 

My husband and I did some shopping on Friday afternoon. His previous pair of sunglasses cost all of .99 cents and were technically SAFTEY sunglasses– which is fine if you’re planning to do some impromptu welding but um, not very fashion conscious. So these were a major improvement!

Saturday we did some much needed yard work. Filling up our yard waste bin to the brim was a feeling of accomplishment. We also took a family walk. I need to remember to throw a roll of paper towels into the stroller’s storage compartment. Why?

See that of so attractive froth dripping from my dog’s chin!?! That is her involuntary response to seeing other dogs and getting excited. The worst is when we’re at the dog park and big strands of her gloopy saliva land onto other dogs. So embarrassing! 

Sunday we had church of course. I was liturgist this week and my readings and worship went well. However, we have a new pastor and understandably he does some things differently than his predecessor. Sunday mornings are ALWAYS hectic and this one was especially so as I had no extra set of hands to ready Miss J as my husband had an early  music rehearsal at church. The upshot is, I looked at my nails whose polish had not survived the yard work of the day before and decided I had no time to redo them. Simply taking the remaining polish off was not an option as I was out of remover. I told myself it’d be fine as from my liturgist post, I could easily hide my hands. I knew we weren’t going to linger after the service for fellowship as we needed to pick up my stepson. Unfortunately I did not realize that under the new Pastor I would be expected to assist with communion! So literally every member of the congregation was treted to the view of my raggedy nails. Oops! On  a positive note, my husband played guitar during the service and did great. I was really impressed. It was his first time and I suspect I wasn’t alone in my assessment that he did well as he has already been invited to play again next Sunday. 

Sunday afternoon we took my stepson to his very first job interview! So proud of him! How did time move so quickly!?! On a blink of an eye he went from little boy to full on teenager. After his interview we went to a Chinesw buffet– figured it would be a quick option which would be perfect for our under napped daughter. Um, so glad we went with something super quick and ultra casual as she ended up throwing her plate of food in a fit of fussiness. So embarrassing! But my husband and I got on the floor and cleaned up as much as we possibly could. We really try to be good restaurant guests. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I will be back tomorrow for Show & Tell Tuesday, the topic being school pictures. I plan to be super brave and post my worst of the worst! 


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