Show and Tell Tuesday : Worst Pictures!

Okay, am about to get REALLY vulnerable and share some horrific pictures thanks to Andrea’s bi-monthly link up series Show and Tell Tuesday. Today’s topic is worst school pictures. I had to go with what I had available so unfortunately you’ll be missing out on the glory that was my 7th grade picture– purple cordoroy pants, button down shirt with vertical purple stripes paired with an oversized sweater with purple horizontal stripes. 

Okay, here is where the unfortunate school photos began: first grade. Take note of my bowl hair cut and my stranglehold of a collar ( how could that have been comfortable!?!).

Also although I intellectually know  ( and my roots sometimes remind me) that I am in actuality a brunette, I have highlighted my hair blond for so many years that I mostly forget. It is jarring to see in these early photos my long forgotten hair color!

I apologize for this picture quality I  inexpertly cropped myself out of my 6th grade class photo. But this is truly a #sorrynotsorry sitch as the low quality of this pic is truly my friend. Limp bowl hair cut-check, 80s office worker attire complete with ginormous floppy bow–check, big plastic eye glasses–check. 

The next one was taken before 8th grade graduation. My mom saved this dress and I recently tried it on–still fits. Good to know that if I am ever invited to an event that requires a shapeless dress with a lace sailor collar and linebacker worthy shoulder pads than I will be all set! And yes, my hair was drawn back into a big matching bow!

And for my grand finale pic: junior prom. I had foolishly, after having watched the film Rosemary’s Baby on TV, decided I wanted a pixie cut ala Mia Farrow. I did not take into consideration that a) I was not blessed with Mia’s bone structure and b) prom and senior pictures were in the pipeline and those are situations where you want hair to work with! In my prom photo I had grown it out a bit but it was still really short and there wasn’t where to go but up and up we went–big hair don’t care!

This was fun! More fun tomorrow when I part update in the stranded link up, the topic is near and dear to my heart: shoes. See you then!


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