Stranded! Shoes

Today I am participating in the Stranded link up with Shay and Erika. Today’s topic is near and near to my heart: shoes.

First of all these are by no means my ‘favorite’ shoes but I always have several pairs in my closet as situations come up where you need an inexpensive, easy to clean flip flop–public locker rooms, public swimming pools, funky shower situations, etc. So these would be perfect for an island– a tide comes in and washes them away? No worries, they cost 2 dollars 🙂 

And without a doubt I would need these. If there was any jungle that needed exploring on the island than nothing would be better than my Hunter Rain Boots–because I am not exposing my feet to snakes and other creepie crawlies in open toe shoes, no ma’am!

Lastly I would have to have my favorite wedges which I’m not linking too as I have had them 3 years so am unclear if they are available, I am sure many of you have them too as they were one of Sheaffer‘s ‘must haves’. I cannot say enough good things about them– easily the most comfortable shoes I own. Not most  comfortable wedges but most comfortable shoes! I wore them throughout my pregnancy.

And as my husband will attest, have even worn them hiking. The taupe pretty much matches everything. I just wish I had better photos to show you.

Well, this was super fun! Look forward to seeing what everyone brings. 


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