My Kitchen

I live in a home that dates from the late 20s or perhaps early 30s (have heard conflicting dates). I love our house, it has tons of charming period details. But like many older homes, the kitchen lacks. 

My husband and I were feeling we finally were at a financial as well as a logistical place with having enough time to deal with a major remodel when this happened:

I found out I was pregnant! So I call little miss my ‘new kitchen’. We’ll eventually get to the remodel but right now I am focused on happily chasing my toddler. 

I am opting to not post pics, but let’s just say there is an orange patterned Formica counter top and some lovely aqua tile. ‘Nuff said šŸ™‚

I have linked up as I would LOVE tips from those of you who have updated a smaller kitchen in an older home. Help! 


3 thoughts on “My Kitchen

  1. Such a cutie pie…better than any kitchen! Girl, I feel you on the older home situation. We lived in a 40’s bungalow for over 6 years. They have their quirks for sure – I do have some pictures of our home before we sold it on my blog if that would help give you some ideas.
    Cute blog! šŸ™‚


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