Weekend Recap

Good morning! Julia and I have been battling mild colds this weekend so we kept a pretty low profile. Still had some sweet moments though.

Friday night we wanted to eat somewhere quick, affordable with lots of options. So we went to a family restaurant after picking up my stepson for the weekend– had to laugh as it is one of those establishments that offers senior early bird special discounts. We pulled into the parking lot at 4:55 PM and had trouble finding a space! Jeff and I felt about 40 years too young to be there! It was packed with senior citizens. As older parents, we are occasionally assumed to be Julia’s grandparents. Dining at Maxim’s for a pre-5 PM supper is not going to help that rep 😉

Saturday morning we finally had some slightly cooler weather so I took advantage and went running. It was even misting out which felt wonderful. Later my MIL stopped over and enjoyed visiting with her grandchildren. Dinner was take out from our favorite Thai place. It was an unusual weekend as we did no cooking! Not complaining! 

Sunday morning meant church. The days of arriving at the nursery and having Julia pitifully grab me by the legs in a desperate attempt to not be left behind are long over. When we arrive she barely glances in my direction as she begins playing.

And speaking of playing, she enjoyed having her very favorite play mate, her brother, available this weekend. He is so good with her, such a blessing. Here he is helping her blow bubbles.

Sunday evening Jeff and I ran errands during which Julia threw up on herself. The spare outfit  I had on hand for her was an old ink stained onesie. So if you see on “People of Wal-Mart, a barefoot baby in a messy onesie being pushed in a cart  by a frazzled middle aged woman covered in vomit, that’s us, haha!

On that appealing note, I’m hing to sign off. Hope everyone has a great week!


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