School Days: Memories and Advice

Today I am linking up with Shelly and Katy for their fun Spiel the Beans with the Queens link up. Today’s topic appropriately is discussing our school days memories and offering up a little wisdom to our former self. 

Okay, brace yourself for some awkward photos!

My third grade class photo, I am the one in the front row, clutching myself in a panic and wincing away from the camera! I had recently moved from an urban school in Milwaukee to this very rural school in northern Wisconsin and I was super apprehensive! Luckily I made lots of friends quickly and the move proved to be a very good thing, but those early days were HARD.

The morning after one of our epic sleepovers (this was again third grade I think). Um, so much to discuss. The fact most of the group is casually hanging out in their dance leotards ( we had no dancing activity scheduled). But I could not cast aspersions on the leotards as I am the one who is lounging in a pair of PANTYHOSE! And let’s take a moment to absorb the glory that was my mom’s 1981 decor. The gold lamp shade, the green shag carpeting, the ORANGE table!  Also  from the condition of that lamp shade, evidently my party had been a wild one. Yikes!

Sigh. I admire those that emerge from their middle school years with their dignities intact. That was not me. I am the one next to the flowers. I think this was 6th grade.  Or upon reflection, 7th grade. The reflection being, one of the girls in the picture had a photo shoot with me in the pictured swim suit. I used the Polaroid camera my Grandmother had given me to take swim suit photos of my friend so that she could mail them to Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains! Oddly, he was not enticed. Our efforts did not even yield a form letter inviting us to join a fan club or purchase merchandise. More likely we ended up on a 1986 stalker watch list!

Home coming court! I am the one in the back row with the big hair (behind the kids in white). Um, I remember we opted to go with less formal garb. And with the ‘thrones’ the king and queen are sitting on, we look like a nondescript office staff have been transferred onto some risers in a gymnasium! And none of us are smiling! 

Okay, for the advice portion. Be yourself. In first grade, my teacher had some posters to give away, we each hit to choose one. The assortment was mostly cute pictures of kittens and puppies. But oddly there was a Kiss poster, the band if course in their full regalia. I had never heard of Kuss and truly had no idea what they even were but had never seen anything like it so although my teacher tried to dissuade me, that is the poster I chose. Just a few scant years down the line I wouldn’t have wanted to do something so outside the norm, I would have wanted whatever posters my friends chose. I hope I can instill in my daughter the confidence to match to her own drum beat.  Because following your friends can lead down some terrible paths–in my case, joining Glee Club in 7th grade ( I am tone deaf).

Be kind! This one I did pretty well with, I attended a small and cliquish school as we had all known each other FOREVER. It could be a tough place for students transferring in, so I always tried to get to know the new classmates and make them feel welcome. 

Dress for your body type! I was not quite 5’2″ and well under 100 pounds so the ginormous proportions of many 80s fashions were ridiculous on me. If I could time travel, I would put myself in something a bit more fitted. 

Well, this was a hoot! Can’t wait to participate again at the end of the month to discuss my favorite team. 


4 thoughts on “School Days: Memories and Advice

  1. I’m dying over you guys sending pictures to Kirk Cameron!! And oh goodness I had the opposite problem with the dressing since I was trying to dress like all my petite friends when I was actually 5’7″ and 120lbs…..oh how I wish I would have had Pinterest back then. Thanks so much for linking up with us today!!


  2. I am loving those sleepover pics – looks just like mine. My parents had brown shag carpet that I am actually jealous of because you could never see all the damage we did to it as kids! I showed up to homecoming in the same dress as one of the other nominees and she KNEW what I was wearing. Ugh. 😉 Ha! Thanks so much for linking with us!


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