Friday Favorites: Last Minute Edition

Good morning! I was going to skip Friday favorites as I didn’t have my act together to get it prepped. But immediately felt regretful so have readied a couple of things to share. As always am linking up with AndreaErika and Narci

Favorite One: The Binge

Um, I have fallen behind on Big Brother as I discovered that Season two of Madam Secretary is now available to stream on Netflix. 

Such a good show! I am not sure how ‘realistic’ it is, but I thoroughly enjoy how her moral compass informs her decisions and how she will wheel and deal behind her administration’s back to implement her creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. I wish the real world were so easily solvable!

Favorite Two: Transistional Object

Miss J has bonded with the white bear she is holding. And like her momma, when she falls she falls hard. I love that she has a security object and it is so sweet to see her mother her bear whom she calls ‘Bay-bee Beh’.  However, her bear has become the number one source of drama and strife in our home. Meltdowns abound when Bear isn’t allowed in her bath. Or if he does bathe with her, it is a meltdown not averted but rather deferred as the separation that comes when he takes a trip to the dryer. Sigh. Also why oh why did she have to bond so hard with a WHITE stuffed animal!?! I sneak Bay-Bee Bear into the washing machine every couple of days but all of the toddler led adventures mean he is in a perpetual state of dingy. But despite the tantrums he causes and his increasingly shabby appearance, Bay-Bee Bear is a favorite because it really is a mostly sweet relationship. 

Favorite Three: Simple Pleasures

There are only a couple of things worth relinquishing your grip on Bay-Bee Beh and evidently a cat shaped thank you note has made the short list. My friend’s thank you note arrived in the mail and after I took a moment to appreciate the gracious sentiments she had expressed, Miss J spent the rest of the afternoon playing with it. She enjoyed opening it and pretending to read it. She enjoyed looking at the cat and meowing. She enjoyed crumpling it and then smoothing it out. I know I will look back on these moments of her being so easily entertained with fondness! Oh and the cushion on the floor in the above picture is #reallife. My cushions are perpetually on the floor as when she isn’t manhandling stationary, Little Miss enjoys a good pillow toss!

Well, this is all I have! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


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