Weekend Recap

We had a great low key weekend. On Friday we treated ourselves to take out from a local Hawaiian restaurant. Delicious pulled pork AND not having a kitchen to clean up AND banana walnut cake for dessert. Let’s just say my arm did not need to be twisted! Julia loved it too– and I love that she embraces trying new flavors. And yes she has a bruise on her forehead. Girlfriend is pretty rough and tumble so far more bumps and bruises than I would like.

Saturday morning we went to the grocery store as we were basically out of everything.  Such a major shop with Julia in tow was exhausting. We came home, had lunch and then all of us napped! It was glorious. Saturday night we had a pizza night– again light with the kitchen clean up 🙂

Sunday morning we had church. Jeff played bass with the praise band and I was liturgist again ( I read the liturgy two weeks ago as well). Sunday afternoon we did yard work and of course Julia ‘helped’.

And Sunday night we had Greek chicken pitas for dinner which is one of my absolute favorite meals. And was totally worth dirtying the kitchen for–haha. Julia wolfed her dinner, clamors for more and happily crowed yum, yum, yum. She loved the marinated chicken, loved the cucumbers and feta cheese and tolerated the tomatoes.  Oh and gobbled her olives, she LOVES olives just like her big brother did at her age. And we served it with rice pilaf which she practically ate her weight in– seriously she ate more rice than I did! The only thing she didn’t do well with was her pita bread. 

So all in all a quiet weekend but honestly  those are often my very favorites. Just nice to reconnect with those I love without worrying about all the moving parts that go into more scripted and scheduled activities. Have a great week!


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