Show and Tell Tuesday: Advice for High School Self.

Good morning! Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday. Today’s topic is advice for your high school self. I actually blogged a similar topic last week for the Spiel the Beans link up, be sure to check it out as I included some epic pictures! You may read that post here.

My number one piece of advice is to be kind. I always remind my stepson ( who is very kind) that it is easy to be kind and generous with the ‘popular’ kids but the real  reward comes from being a friend to those who need it more. This is something I generally practiced in high school but I do remember one terrible lapse in which a bunch of friends and I toilet papered the home of a student who was new to our small and cliquish high school. In reality the reason we did so was one of the girls in our group had a crush on him so this was her misguided plan to be in close proximity to him, or the prank would get his attention and bring them together? Teenage girl logic is not always sensible! But in retrospect we were being unwittingly cruel. He was brand new and I am sure he just wanted to fit in and be liked and toilet papering his house sent the exact opposite message. Despicable. 

My second piece of advice is to use sunscreen! At the time my idea of sun protection was SPF 2 to be only used at the beach. No tan is worth the damage this causes your skin, nor is it worth the associated health risks. Thanks to the bad habits of my youth I receive regular skin checks. 

Thirdly, dress for your body type and for the weather! I came of age in the 80s so EVERYTHING was oversized. That did my petite frame no favors. Additionally I grew up in WI where winters are no joke. Yet I continually fought my poor sensible mother in the attempt to wear mini skirts bare legged in January! Um, purple mottled, goose bumped skin is not attractive. Not to mention frost bite!

Well this was fun! I wish I’d had these tips back then–although since I felt I already knew it all, the advice would probably have fallen on deaf ears. Or ears that couldn’t hear the advice as Paula Abdul was cranked on her Walkman, haha!


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