Let’s Talk: Fall

Today I am linking up with Andrea and Erika to discuss one of my very favorite topics: all things fall!

Fall is my very favorite season: everything about it seems comforting. Pies and stews, hoodies and big sweaters, spicy scented candles. I love crisp air, cornflower blue skies and the crunch of leaves under foot.

Weekends in the fall fill up quickly. We love to go apple picking.

Another apple related annual activity is pressing cider at my parents house. 

There is nothing better than a mug of hot apple cider garnished with a cinnamon stick on an October evening. And having that cider be homemade just sends it over the top. 

And fall means the return of football and my beloved Green Bay Packers.  If it is an especially important game we typically turn our coffee table into a buffet of junk food. So much fun!

Of course we decorate–I typically begin adding some fall touches when my stepson’s school year begins ( this year it is September 1st).  At the beginning of October I will begin adding some Halloween specific elements. We had some years where we overdecorated for Halloween in a pretty gruesome manner.  I am talking life like rats, severed hands, etc. It was purely to entertain my stepson during his late elementary, early middle school years. Loved indulging in the gross out laughs. And I will miss doing things like having a lunch of ‘finger sandwiches’.

Now that he is in high school we have eased up on the creep factor and the decor is definitely more my style. Bittersweet for sure, do not miss rubber centipedes everywhere but it is hard not to be nostalgic for the laughs we shared. 

Can’t wait to read about everyone’s fall traditions!


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