Spiel the Beans: Football

Good morning. I am linking up with Shelly and Katy for their Spiel the Beans link up. Today’s topic is football and who we’re rooting for.

I imagine most people on this list will be talking about a college team. I enjoy college football as well– love the energy. However, I am a Wisconsin girl through and through which means I bleed green and gold: Green Bay Packers fan!

I waited till the 11th hour to hunt for some Packers memes online and am sure with some digging I would have found some great ones but cursory searches yielded too much profanity or denigrating of other teams. I am not about that, so just imagine a meme here that humorously and wholesomely conveys my love of all things Packers. 

Okay in the first picture, those green cupcakes with gold ‘G’s on them could very well end up on a Pinterest fails site but I don’t really care as making them was a sweet memory with my stepson who at the time was 9. Would rather have him have fun frosting than to have something ‘perfect’.

As you can see, we like to wear our green & gold. But if the Packers begin losing we quickly decide that our apparel is ‘jinxing’ them (because the outcome is all about what we’re doing in our suburb 2 hours away from the field) and we’ll immediately stop wearing anything team related. I have no doubt that patented technique will bring us to he Super Bowl this year! Oh, and I have no idea whyI am wearing a puffer vest with a hood up in the one picture! 

One thing ( out of many) that I like about being a GB Packer fan is that it is truly a lifelong commitment. If you move to another part of the county you don’t begin rooting for the home team, you remain a Packers fan and immediately either purchase an expensive football cable package so you don’t miss any of the no televised in your area games or seek out the nearest Packer bar!

In just under 2 weeks, we’ll have our first regular season game. I can’t wait! 


3 thoughts on “Spiel the Beans: Football

  1. I was on a plane once with a guy who played for the packers and for the life of me cannot remember who it was!! I’m laughing about the clothes changing….we are not nearly as superstitious in football but come baseball season we get a little crazy. Best of luck to the Packers this season. Thanks so much for joining us!


  2. We like the Packers around here, too! I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that Brett Favre is now a HS football coach and I hope that it is because could you IMAGINE how cool that would be?!? Thanks for linking up with us!


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