Stranded: 3 Movies

Good morning! Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their Stranded series. Today’s topic is what three movies we’d bring to a deserted island.

My initial instinct was to choose exclusively comedies– would need laughs on a deserted island for sure! But then I remembered that my favorite stress reliever is a good cry. 

Terms of Endearment isn’t very favorite tear jerker. During college every finals week when we were at our stress threshold my best friend and I would take a break from studying and watch it– we would cry like fools, relieve the tension we were carrying and get back to studying feeling bleary eyed but oddly renewed.

Gone With the Wind I have been loving since childhood. I think this movie was a pivotal contribution to my current obsession with all things Southern! Plus it is long so it will kill a lot of idle island hours.


Can’t have TOO much drama so gotta add a comedy. Vince Vaughn is my celebrity crush– he just oozes a charisma that I find very attractive. Wedding Crashers is probably my favorite VV movie. My husband and I watch it EVERY time it airs on cable which is pretty frequently. But even on the 109th viewing it still brings the laughs. Perfect for the island. 

This was fun! Can’t wait to see everyone’s choices. This totally got me in the mood to cuddle up under a blanket with a mug of hot cider and get my Netflix on!

Oh, and an announcement of sorts. Tomorrow on my blog I am going to get all sorts of brave and accountable. I am going to kick off my diet/fitness effort in a big way and this will include before pictures of me in a sports bra. Yikes! And will share the number on the scale. Double yikes! 


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